Renew the performance with NMA 

Regardless of the type of compressor, our incredible team of highly skilled and experienced Industrial Mechanics are able to help extend the life of your unit with our custom overhaul service.

In an industrial setting, compressors are under under heavy loads during usage and that can test even the best of equipment. But with an overhaul completed by NMA Industrial Services Co. professional, it can return the equipment back to peak condition. This helps to prevent costly breakdowns and also helps to extend the life of the compressor driving down overall operation costs for the unit.

You will also notice that more than just being a precautionary measure to help avoid compressor breakdown issues and lower operation costs, overhauls are a proactive measure designed to return the compressor’s performance back to its’ factory condition efficiency levels.

In an overhaul performed by NMA, all of the rotating parts (wearable parts) are all visually inspected for damage and deterioration from wear. This includes all bearings, pistons, seals and all other parts contained within the unit. Compressor parts are then cleaned or replaced if faulty, worn or damaged.

Compressor Overhauling extends the service life and efficiency of the equipment which helps to assure many years of trouble-free operation by restoring the equipment to original factory condition. Don’t wait until the unit fails, if you have an older compressor or one that has diminishing efficiency, get it overhauled by NMA today!

Reciprocating Compressor Overhauling 

We can work with any style of reciprocating compressor system to help return it to factory condition or help to maintain it to avoid outages. We are also able to work in any environment or industry with our high safety standards and certifications. We get the job done right.

Centrifugal Compressor Overhauling

Just like with reciprocating or any other type of industrial compressor. the centrifugal compressor needs to be overhauled and maintained to ensure proper operation. Due to a fewer number of moving parts, many companies mistakenly believe they can neglect these types of compressors but this is a bad practice.

Although they don’t have as many moving parts to wear out as other types of compressors, they to are also under a great amount of prolonged stress while in operation. As with any type of heavy industrial equipment, breakdowns are bound to occur more frequently when not maintained properly.

Industrial Screw Compressor Repairs

at NMA Industrial Services Co. we have a wealth of experience when it comes to overhauling and maintaining the screw Oil Injected or Oil Free compressor.

Overhauling the screw compressor include

  • On-site and workshop inspections
  • Replacement of parts on all kind off.
  • In-house parts repair
  • Element (Air End) Overhauling, change when Oil Free
  • Complete Overhauling service