Vacuum Pump Spare Parts

NMA Industrial Services Co. supply all Vacuum Pump Genuine parts 

through our extensive connection with manufacturer of vacuum pumps we cover all the range for spare parts for the vacuum pumps

Our Technical Services and Supplies are covering, but not limited to, the following:

  • New Vacuum Pumps Supplies, including most of its types:
    • Side Channel Blowers
    • Rotary Vane Dry Running/Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps
    • Screw Vacuum Pumps
    • High-Vacuum Rotary Vane Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps
    • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
    • Root Blowers
    • Radial Blowers
    • ……….etc.
  • Vacuum Pumps Genuine / Original Spare Parts
  • Vacuum Pumps Oil / Grease Lubricants / Motors
  • Vacuum Components for Vacuum Handling Vacuum Systems, Including:
    • Vacuum Suction Cups/Pads (Universal Suction Pads and Special Suction Pads)
    • Special Grippers (Floating Suction Pads, Magnetic Grippers, Needle Grippers, Wafer Grippers and Coanda Grippers)
    • Mounting Elements (Sections & Connectors, Holders, Spring Plungers and Jointed Mountings)
    • Vacuum Generators (Venturi Ejectors, Mechanical Pumps and Blowers)
    • Valve Technology (Solenoid Valves, Check Valves, Flow Resistors, Sensing Valves and Manual Valves)
    • Switches & System Monitoring Devices (Digital & Analog Gauges, Switches, Measuring and Control Devices)
    • Filters & Connections (Vacuum Filters, Vacuum Distributors, Hoses and Connectors)
    • Vacuum Handling Systems
    • Bacterial Vacuum & Compressed Air Medical Filters (for Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries)