Ultrasonic Air leak detector

Ultrasonic Air leak detector


Air leaks are expensive. Even a small leak 1/8th of an inch in diameter can cost thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary energy consumption*. Leaks cause your compressed air system to continually lose pressure, significantly increasing compressor run time and needlessly increasing your power costs.

Many of these air leaks produce a high pitch, directional sound well above the range of human hearing making them impossible to detect without an ultrasonic air leak detector.

Specifically designed for compressed air applications in noisy manufacturing environments, the LOCATOR-EV ultrasonic air leak detector provides quick, easy and accurate detection of air leaks with both visual and audible indication. Able to distinguish between the sound of a leak and background noise, this compact, lightweight and reliable detector is a necessity for air audits and every day preventative maintenance.


Available Models

  1. Locator
  2. Locator-EV