Two Stage Oil/Water separator

Two Stage Oil/Water separator


he PURO-CT uses two stages of treatment to separate difficult condensate. With a specially treated polypropylene element and a carbon polisher, you can count on reliable and cost effective condensate separation performance regardless of the type of lubricant or drains you use.

These models provide compact, cost effective condensate separation without the need for a settling tank, and include useful features like a sample port and bottle, an overflow indicator to avoid messy spills, and brass threaded connections and adapters.

Upgrade to the PURO-CT and discover reliable condensate separation in a small package

The PURO-CT-DISTRIBUTOR is designed to distribute condensate into two or three oil/water separators.
This way you can combine more PURO-CT units to match up against larger compressor systems.

As condensate flows into the PURO-CT-DISTRIBUTOR condensate flows evenly into the connected oil/water separators.
This way the elements of the separator are equally loaded with condensate to treat.

The PURO-CT-DISTRIBUTOR has a 1/2” condensate inlet and three 1/2” outlets. All connections are brass inserts.

The PURO-CT-DISTRIBUTOR is supplied complete with the required fixings.

Available Models & Sizes

  1. PURO-CT 125
  2. PURO-CT  250
  3. PURO-CT 600
  4. PURO-CT Distributor