Three Stage Oil/Water separator

Three Stage Oil/Water separator


After the oily condensate has been efficiently removed from the compressed air system by a reliable JORC drain, it should not be discharged into the foul sewer without first having the oil content reduced to within legal disposal limits. It makes financial sense to separate the oil from the condensate prior to the waste is disposed. JORC’s SEPREMIUM Oil/Water Separators are a reliable, effective, efficient and above all an environmental solution.

The SEPREMIUM oil/water separator uses three stages of treatment to separate the condensate from compressed air systems up to 2500 CFM compressor capacity.

With two specially treated polypropylene elements and a carbon polisher, you can count on reliable and cost effective condensate separation performance, regardless of the type of lubricant or drains you use.

The SEPREMIUM is loaded with useful features, like a visual element life indicator that lets you know when your elements need to be replaced, clever service drains and an overflow indicator to avoid messy spills.

Take the guesswork out of condensate treatment and upgrade to the SEPREMIUM.


Available Models

  2. SEPREMIUM 130
  3. SEPREMIUM 175
  4. SEPREMIUM 350
  5. SEPREMIUM 750
  6. SEPREMIUM 1250
  7. SEPREMIUM 2500