Ice Cubic air dryer

Ice Cubic air dryer


Static Air Dryers

Ice Cube Dryers have static condensers without a cooling fan.

Therefore they are energy efficient with low noise level and compact design.

Ice Cube Dryers also have long service life and low maintenance needs.


– Superior energy saving due to static condenser

– Efficient refrigerant compressor with low pressure drop

– +7°C dew point

– No condenser blockage due to wide condenser design

– Standard expansion valve

– 3-in-1 heat exchanger design (air/air – air/refrigerant – water separator in one block)

– Easy to service auto-drain

– High pressure switch

– No loss of compressed air (Zero Loss)

– Less refrigerant gas used than equivalents, environmentally friendly


Ideal for hospitals and laboratories with compact design and low noise needs. Ice Cube Dryers are also suitable

for other applications which need dry air with a low price.