Heated Desiccant Air dryer

Heated Desiccant Air dryer


A centrifugal blower and high efficiency heater eliminate the use of valuable compressed air for desiccant regeneration.

The completely automatic drying system uses blower to pull ambient air and pass it through the heater. This hot air

stream flows opposite to drying flow direction. Hot air above 200⁰C regenerates the moisture inside desiccant

bed and strips it completely of all moisture. The advanced control system monitors the dew point and adjusts

the heating/regeneration accordingly thereby providing valuable energy savings.

– Dew point monitoring and control

– Computer Control-Display Status

– Display Alarms-Display Pressure

– Remote Start/Stop-Low Pressure Alarm

– Minimum pressure monitoring valve

– High pressure switches and alarms

– Externally heated or heatless dryer functions integrated to the MBP