GO series Air filter

GO series Air filter


New additional to our G series, Mikropor GO series compressed air filters are designed for easy element replacement for “zero clearance” ability.


The air filters have four efficiency ratings, removing contaminants as small as 0.01 micron at up to 290 psi (20 bar) – 1/4” to 3” NPT/BSP pipe sizes. A protected

auto float drain (2 mm orifice) is standard for optimal and reliable removal of liquid contaminants.

These air filters have zero-porosity aluminium and durable epoxy powder-coat finish, along with a corrosion resistant internal coating for a long service life.

Filter combinations are configured to meet specific application requirements. Filters comply with PED and perform as per related ISO 8573 standards.

These filters may be equipped with differential pressure gauges for easy maintenance and energy efficiency. Mikropor compressed air filters are always recommended

with this system.

Element Features

Mikropor offers Superior protection – from 1 micron to 0,01 micron. Durable element construction and efficient drain layer ensures continued performance

with optimal element change intervals. Elements are also easy to replace with the head clips.

Mikropor Elements Have Been Designed for Easy Handling

1- Deep pleating also enables a lower pressure drop.

2- Supreme collapse resistance due to usage of fluted stainless tube, providing

strength against pressure drops while improving the performance by passing air

diagonally through the element.

3- PVC impregnated foam favors water/oil drainage.

Head Clamping

Head Clamping provides serial connection of filters

without any extra piping

Drainage Ribs

Drainage Ribs favors the humidity flow

Zero Clearance

A major innovation for servicing the zero clearance design

gives a quicker, easier, simpler filter change, with no need

for any specialist tools.


Anodising provides supreme corrosion resistance. Anodised surface treatment is proven to be better than other

surface treatment methods such as Alocrome coating.

Contact Mikropor to get Comparison Test results between competitor filters with Alocrome coating and Mikropor

Filters with Anodising treatment.