Air/Oil Separator

Air/Oil Separator


Why Mikropor Separators?
With over 3000 Air/Oil Separator designs for compressors, Mikropor offers multiple options for the full range of air flow and performance requirements.
Mikropor Air/Oil Separators
Conventional, pleated, depth construction, spin-on and state-of-the-art “sep-n-sep”
design separators allow Mikropor to cover the air/oil separation needs of the entire
compressor applications.

Conwrap Separators
Mikropor “Conwrap” Separators are standard wrapped style separators. These separators are designed for outside to inside flow and can be used with all oil injection Rotary Vane and Rotary Screw Compressors. Conwrap separators operate between
1 to 60 m³/min flow rate at 7 bar with 1 to 3 mg/m³ oil carry over.


“3S” Depth Construction Air/Oil Separators
The revolutionary Mikropor “3S” Separator is designed to fit the smaller separator housings without sacrificing operating performance. The “3S” separator has
double to tripled capacity when compared to a conventional separator with the same dimensions. The “3S” separator has 1/2 – 1/3 of the volume of a conventional separator functioning in the same operating conditions. This increased capacity is achieved with specially designed progressive type, deep bed, coalescing media using an increased number of wraps.


Pleated Air/Oil Separators
Pleated separators increase the media surface
area to reach higher capacities while maintaining
the dimensions. Mikropor manufactures dozens
of pleated separator designs.


Zero Spin-On Type Air/Oil

Mikropor Spin-On Type Air/Oil Separators are manufactured as exchangeable elements. Because Spin-Ons do not require a compressor housing, they permit uncomplicated and quick replacement without dismantling the compressor.Spin-On Type Air/Oil Separators are available for 0,5 to 7 m³/min flow rates operating at 7 bar.