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Each system we work on is designed to meet the specific requirements of an individual customer. Using primarily off-the-shelf parts, we create bespoke compressed air and air transfer piping solutions. This means that we can design and install unusual systems to suit unusual situations, whether that’s a particularly large or widely spread work site, a unique workflow requirement or other needs. We work on projects of all sizes and types, from simple upgrades to installing brand-new large-scale air flow systems.

We specialize in new high flow aluminium systems as well as more traditional screw type galvanized systems. While we generally recommend using a ring-main system, we can also install direct line systems. With a broad knowledge of the brands and options available in our industry, we’re able to help you find the right option for your workplace. Our goal is to make sure your system will do everything you need it to, without you paying for features you don’t need. As experts in the compressed air field, we can recommend optimal solutions for your all your compressor, dryer, filtration system and air pipework needs.

Advantages of Aluminum Air Piping System

Superior Reliability
  • Extremely durable materials and surface processing, resistant to corrosion, vibration, thermal variation, and outdoor weather conditions.
  • Aluminum alloy connectors for all diameters are stronger and more durable than traditional Cast iron and polymer fittings.
  • Patented technologies provide leak free performance.
Energy Efficient & Cost Saving
  • The smooth interior design and high-flow connectors ensures a constant supply of clean air to reduce pressure drop; resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Guaranteed leak-free performance and superior longevity versus traditional pipe system.
  • Unique sealing and connection design avoid risk of leak or disconnection;(50MPa pressure was tested without any break or leak)
Fast & Easy Modular Design
  • Full range of aluminum air pipes, fittings, and accessories works easily for new projects, renovations & extensions.
  • Requires no special tooling, welding, gluing, brazing, soldering, or thread cutting.
  • Reusable, lightweight, and modular design allows for easy installation and modifications.
  • Quick drops can be added at any time to create new points of use.


An air compressor system is a significant investment for your business. It can determine your business’s output level for years to come. Our expert technicians are here for you throughout the whole process – helping you to maximize your investment.

You can count on us to provide an expert installation. Contact us today to discuss your installation project!