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NMA Industrial Services Co. strive to provide our customer with proper technical advises & tips in order to enhance our customer knowledge for the compressed air.

herewith if you have any technical question for the compressed air, please contact us and we will assist you accordingly.



Who is NMA Industrial Services Co. S.A.E.

We are a group of professionals with 50+ years of accumulative experience in Air compressors, working directly with air compressor manufacturers in the Middle East region, like Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-Rand & Gardner Denver.

Through our extensive and thorough technical knowledge and know how as well as very well connection to all equipment and parts global manufacturer we have the power to offer the highest quality service & parts to any equipment manufacturer & any compressed air technology including low & high pressure.

What areas or countries do you cover?

We cover sites all over the Egypt for many of our nationwide accounts and we are happy to conduct work abroad.

NMA Industrial Services Co. are based in Cairo, enabling us to easily cover the Alexandria, Delta, Port Saed & Suez, and only be a few hours away from anywhere else in the country.

Our trained and specialized team will be ready to travel abroad and service whenever required in Middle East & Africa.

Do you provide installation?

All air compressor installation work is carried out by our own fully skilled engineers in compliance with current approved codes of practice and pressure systems regulations.

Our installation team are fully conversant with compressed air, and all cooling and chilled water system requirements.

Our ability to provide a total system solution and turnkey packages while maintaining control over the project from start through to final completion ensures that the air compressor installation system is correct from design to commissioning.

Do NMA provide compressed air training ?

At NMA Industrial Services Co. we offer a full technical training to our valued customer onsite. 

we have full capabilities to train your technical team on proper maintenance and shut down with pre-designed program and schedule matching what our customer really need. 


What maintenance/servicing options do you provide?

At NMA Industrial Services Co. we offer a full range of air compressor and air treatment servicing options to meet your sites requirements. Direct Air provide air compressor service packages ranging from a basic service to comprehensive 24-hour monitoring of your compressor system.

  • Compressor Servicing
  • Dryer Servicing & Repairs
  • Compressed Air Filter Servicing
  • Dewpoint Monitoring
  • Condensate System Servicing
  • Complete Energy Audit

Do NMA provide service for Centrifugal Compressor ?

At NMA Industrial Services Co. we have the capability to service Centrifugal Compressor

Thanking to our factory trained engineers who can provide the highest service level to the centrifugal compressor within the Middle East region.

Moreover. with our extensive contact with manufacturer allow us to provide the highest quality of Genuine Spare Parts insuring the best performance of the compressor covered by full warranty.

Do NMA provide service for Oil Free Screw Compressor ?

At NMA Industrial Services Co. we have the capability to service Oil Free Compressor of all makers and models

Thanking to our factory trained engineers who can provide the highest service level to the Screw Oil Free compressor within the Middle East region.

Also with our extensive contact with manufacturer allow us to provide the highest quality of Genuine and Non-OEM Spare Parts insuring the best performance of the compressor covered by full warranty.

Do NMA provide Spare parts for reciprocating compressor ?

Through our extensive contact to parts manufacturer globally, NMA provide highest quality of Spare Parts to all makers and technologies of reciprocating compressor.

This include High pressure and low pressure reciprocating compressor for Air or Gas process compressor.  


What is the most energy efficient air compressor ?

The most energy efficient air compressor really depends upon the application it is used for. It is widely recommended that when thinking about compressed air energy efficiency you should conduct an energy audit to measure your current usage and identify areas where you could make effective cost saving changes

How I can select my air compressor ?

Many parameter determine the proper compressed air sizing 

  • Application, what compressor needed for.
  • Quality of air required 
  • Power consumption 
  • Available space for air compressor
  • Actual compressed air required, compressed air utilization 
  • Future expansion.

we really urge you to ask for a professional advise from NMA team to have a proper sizing of your compressed air system for ultimate usage and cost efficient solution. 

Is it true that Variable speed drive is always the best solution for the most efficient part-load performance. ?

Not necessarily.

Inherent to their design, variable speed drive compressors have an optimum tip speed range where they operate most efficiently.

If the compressor load requirements fall outside of this range, other control options may provide the most efficient solution.

The compressor provider will need to consider the numerous application requirements in order to recommend the most efficient compressed air solution for the job.

How can I get a better quality of air ?

The quality of air compressed within your system is directly affected by ambient influences. Contaminants such as water, oil and particles are present in the air around us and get intensified in industrial settings. To improve air quality, you need to consider implementing downstream solutions such as filtration and dryers.

I have a dryer installed, so why do I get water in my air lines ?

The most common cause of water in air lines generates from either a faulty or inadequate air dryer. NMA Industrial Services Co. have extensive knowledge and experience with refrigerant, desiccant and membrane dryers and have specialist refrigerant engineers who can diagnose and quickly repair a range of common issues.

What is the Air/Oil Separator you are advise to use ?

As none of the compressor makers manufacture the Air/Oil Separator nor the Filtration we advise to use the cost effective separator taking into consideration the manufacture and the quality of the product itself as many of the filtration companies manufacture these items, but might not perform as expected and meet the manufacture working hours.

The failure of these items might lead to fatal damage of the compressor, therefore reliable source as well as full warrantee is required

We use Mikropor Separator as Mikropor is well known filter manufacture and specialized company and OEM manufacturer for well compressor makers all around the globe.

Why should I change my filter element?

To achieve the stringent air quality levels required by both modern manufacturing industry and ISO 8573-1 : 2001 the international standard for compressed air quality, highly specialized filtration materials are employed in the construction of filter elements, which have both a finite capacity and life to retain contamination. It is important to remember that when the filter life has expired, the required air quality can no longer be maintained.

Filters are installed to provide contaminant removal to a specific air quality requirement, therefore the primary reason to change filter elements should always be to maintain air quality and they should therefore be replaced every 6 months in our region ambient conditions.

What are the consequences of not changing filter elements?

• Damaged adsorption dryer beds requiring unplanned desiccant changes
• Corrosion within the compressed air storage and distribution system
• Blocked / frozen valves, air motors and pneumatic tools
• Damaged machinery causing increased production downtime
• Contamination exhausting from valves and cylinders leading to unhealthy working environments, risk of personal injury, staff absences and personal injury claims
• Inefficient production processes leading to increased manufacturing costs
• Spoiled, damaged and re-worked products